12 ft Sand Hills Crane UNO's Mammel Hall 
10 x 4 ft Copper Acid Painting  *$3600
6 ft heat treated fountain "Circular Decision" 
6 ft Steel Acid Painting "6 S. 6 L.C.A.P." $3600
6.5 ft Sand Hills Crane 

7 ft "J.O.C. 3 F.L." Music and Masterpieces  *$899
7 ft Corn Stalk Mail Box w/ 1 ear of corn *$1299
6 ft German War Eagle on hand forged steel tree *$3200
2 x 3 ft Custom Copper Sign Creighton Univ. 

8 ft Set of 3 Custom Window Security Unit  *Commission
 *$899 for male or female version 
$1750 as a set 
$2000 with detachable parts.
10 ft acid treated fountain "Circular Decision" *$2499
        (402) 680-0224
12 Ft Tall
13 Ft Wing Span
Sandhills Crane

Custom Order for a client in Lincoln, NE. She wanted to cover up an ugly plastic fountain so we inlaid a sandhills crane flying over it and having the water come out from under its wing. Custom commissions available upon request.