Rockhounding brings me closer to nature, my true inspiration.     
Smashing dirt walls, hammering through hard rock, sifting through hot springs, repelling down a copper mine wall are amongst the things I go through to obtain wonderful natural hidden treasures. Traveling through over half the states and into three countries has allowed me to see many a wonder that nature has to offer, including wonderful crystals and scenic views.
Through my excursions, I get to collect many wonderful crystals, gems and rocks. I select my favorite pieces for my own collection and pay for my trips by selling the other collected gems. 
Geodes are one of my favorite crystals to hunt because you get two thrills. The first thrill is finding the crystal bearing geodes. The second is breaking the geodes open once you get home. With 17 different minerals identified in Keokuk geodes, the fun never ends. 
Top 5 Gifts For Kids For Under $10
1. Authentic Arrow- 
head Reproduction 
$5.99 for 3

2. Brazilian Agate 
$9.99 for a Set of 5
3. Break At Home 
Keokuk Geodes
$9.99 per dozen
4. Quartz Variety Pack
 $8.99 Amethyst, Citrine
 and Quartz point.
5. Brazilian Agate 
Geode Slabs. 
$9.99 for a set of 2