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  The spark of a torch ignites the flame that dances like a campfire while I prepare to braze two metals together into one. Bent tubing, cut sheet metal and twisted wire help create these one of a kind custom copper designs. Drawing inspiration from nature, I continually travel to far away places in search of new ideas, designs, techniques and culture. Visiting so many cultures allows me to create unique works of art combining their heritage or techniques into my own. Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy have all helped in my styles and ways of creating.
  Adam Weiss is excited to have his first completed "signature piece" outside UNO's new business college, Mammel Hall. This impressive 12 foot tall sand hills crane was completed just two short years after graduating UNO with his teaching degree. Drawing inspiration from nature, Adam likes traveling the world over. From carving marble in Italy to backpacking the black forest of Germany he brings back hidden treasures that mother nature has to offer. Using these experiences he combines age old techniques with modern processes to form one of a kind inspirational art.